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3 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays with Cannabis

December is here, and the holiday cheer is contagious! There’s nothing like the end of the year, a time of reflection, gratitude, family, and friends. Not to mention shopping! Then again, for some people, spending time with family is less than exciting. Either way, adding cannabis into your holiday plans makes everything better.

Nothing compares to the warm and fuzzy feeling of an indica high while enjoying a cup of hot cocoa and a good book or movie. Except for maybe the ideas we’re about to share with you, that is. So, without further ado, here are our favorite ways to celebrate the holidays with cannabis at Greeley Gallery.

Holiday Movies

Somehow, weed makes things funnier, and is there any better feeling while stoned than to laugh? Well, except for being bundled in sweats and your favorite blanket at the same time. Turn on a movie while stoned, and it’s one of the best things ever!

Especially during the holidays when there are so many hilarious favorites to choose from! Whether alone or with friends and family, everyone has a favorite holiday film. But to fully enjoy the experience, we recommend the following instructions.

First, stop into Greeley Gallery to pick up a couple of delicious Majik THC Cookies, then go home and pour yourself a glass of milk to dunk them in. Then, set the cookies and milk by your favorite spot, put on some comfy clothes, and snuggle in to watch one of our top five all-time favorite holiday movies!

  1. The Grinch – because it makes our heart swell two sizes.
  2. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – because it’s hilarious!
  3. The Family Stone – because it’s a funny feel-good!
  4. Home Alone – because obviously.
  5. Die Hard – because it is a Christmas movie!

Cannabis Cocoa

Milk and cookies are Santa’s favorite snacks. Still, a steaming cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream, marshmallows, and chocolate sprinkles might rival it, which is why we have to recommend it this holiday season.

The only way to make hot chocolate better is by adding a square of Grace Note’s Sea Salt and English Toffee, Dark Chocolate bar. Not only does it enrich the texture and taste, but it offers a chill and warming high that’s perfect for sitting by a fire or relaxing with friends. As a bonus, melt a square in your coffee in the morning for some added sweetness. It’s a great way to ease into a day of holiday shopping or wrapping!

Final Thoughts

Don’t forget to stop at our cannabis dispensary in North Portland to shop for high-quality marijuana products for all your weed-loving friends and family. We have plenty of excellent stocking stuffers, from edible gummies and chocolates to medicinal tinctures and balms. Not to mention our selection of glassware. Just browse our website!

This time of year is full of socializing and community, as well as gratitude and new beginnings. But it’s also a time to reflect, relax, and enjoy the little things. Cannabis is the perfect addition to any holiday celebration, but don’t forget to treat yourself too. Watch a movie, sip some cocoa, and enjoy this wonderful holiday season.

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