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Boost Your Productivity with Weed

Thirty years ago, the idea of someone consuming marijuana stirred images of laziness, forgetfulness, giggles, and the munchies. Heck, some people today still assume it’s the only experience cannabis is good for.

We know now marijuana has many experiences, uses, and benefits. Last month we talked about [[[[how cannabis can boost your creativity]]]]. Now, despite the stereotypes, you’ll learn how you can become more productive with weed!

Which Strain to Use

Of course, you can feel lazy, giggly, and forgetful while under the influence. If you ask us at Greeley Gallery, it’s a fantastic way to spend a lazy weekend afternoon. But it’s not required. Consuming smaller portions or [[[[microdosing]]]] will provide a radically different experience and be a valuable tool.

In addition to how much you consume, another fact is which strain you choose. As mentioned in previous posts, there’s a difference in effects between [[[Indica and Sativa strains]]]]. Indica is known for its relaxation properties, so it probably isn’t your best choice in being productive. In fact, it’s a great way to end up napping the day away. Which is why Greeley Gallery recommends using Sativa to boost your productivity.

Sativa is like drinking a cup of coffee and known to boost good feelings…pretty much the opposite of indica. Which is why it’s common to experience feelings of anxiety while trying to relax, sativa stimulates your mind into motion. Sativa helps you in any creative work, cleaning, meditation, organizing, and even exercise.

How to Use Sativa to Become More Productive

As mentioned before, microdosing is probably the best method to boost your productivity while partaking in recreational marijuana. If you haven’t read our previous posts, here’s a quick microdosing recap.

The point of microdosing is to take mirco-doses. The best way to begin microdosing is through abstaining from cannabis for 48-hours. That’s all it takes for weed to leave your system and decrease your tolerance.

The point of microdosing isn’t to feel high. In fact, if you do feel high then it’s a sign you consumed too much. You want to consume enough to feel the perks but not so much that you become impaired.

After abstaining for 48 hours, you only need one or two hits from your joint or pipe. Or a fraction of an edible. Remember, you can always smoke more if you don’t feel any differences but doing too much won’t end with the results you’re hoping for. Then you’ll have to wait until you come down from your high.

Greeley Gallery’s Favorite Sativa Strain for Productivity

All of our sativas at our recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensary are fantastic choices to help boost your productivity. But if we absolutely had to choose, Sour Diesel takes the win.

Sour Diesel

If you want that caffeine like boost, without the caffeine, then sour diesel is a great option. It’s known to help keep you awake and focused, almost like a shot of espresso! The best part is when it wears off, you’re left with a nice mellow feeling. However, if you’re prone to anxiety or panic attacks you might want to skip ahead to try number two.

Final Thoughts

We pride ourselves in providing the best quality cannabis possible for you. Our staff is always happy to answer any lingering questions you have. We’re a small marijuana dispensary in arbor lodge of north Portland, here to offer you the very best knowledge and product around.

Don’t forget, we’re open from 7am – 10pm everyday, so feel free to pop in and discuss the best strains and consumption methods for you to boost your productivity!


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