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The What and How of Micro-Dosing with Cannabis

There are two main extremes most people think of when it comes to marijuana. Either the high that comes from THC or the health benefits CBD provides for illnesses such as epilepsy. But there’s another form of consumption which is less discussed, but possibly more beneficial than blasting your system with cannabis. It’s called microdosing.

CBD isn’t the only cannabinoid to boost health benefits. THC has plenty of its own medical purposes but is often neglected due to the psychoactive effects and the less desired side effects such as having trouble thinking, short-term drowsiness, or memory loss.

What is Micro-Dosing

Micro-dosing is using only a small amount of cannabis to gain the health benefits, without the psychoactive experience which comes from large doses of THC.

You may have heard of micro-dosing with hallucinogens like mushrooms (which was just legalized in Oregon for therapy in 2020), though the same concept can be applied to THC.

In fact, experts such as Michelle Ross, founder of IMPACT and medical researcher, believes it takes far less than you may think to experience the medical benefits of THC. Like everything in life, more isn’t always better. Too much THC can feel overwhelming to a novice user.

Benefits of Micro-Dosing

The biggest perk of microdosing marijuana is that you get all the perks, without any of the negative effects which can come from taking too much.

Some people microdose cannabis to help regulate their moods and sleep or as a boost for work outs. Not to mention it increases mindfulness, focus, and creativity while decreasing anxiety, depression, and tension.

Author of Cannabis Pharmacy, Michael Backes, believes microdosing just might become the most popular method for marijuana use once it’s legalized on a federal level and becomes more normalized in society.

What’s the Ideal Dosage for Microdosing Marijuana?

The term microdosing implies a small amount, but the precise quantity varies. What’s considered the “right” dosage depends on your current tolerance, cannabinoid receptors, and metabolism at the very least. The sheer number of variables makes it difficult to assign a one size fits all prescription.

Osteopathic physician, Dustin Sulak, treats many of his patients in Maine with microdoses of cannabis and created a step-by-step guide about microdosing regardless of experience level. Though, you’re always welcome to stop in to ask one of Greeley Gallery staffers who are always knowledgeable and would be happy to help.

For Regular Users

Stop all marijuana use for 48-hours which will clear your endocannabinoid system. It doesn’t seem like much time, but according to research, it’s true – even for heavy smokers. After you’ve cleared your system, join the novice user’s instructions below.

For Novice Users

Begin with only one milligram then slowly increase. The point is to use the smallest dose that provides minimal effect. The goal is not to get stoned or attain complete relief at this point, but you do want to feel a little. Once you achieve it, stay with that dosage for a few days before increasing again. You shouldn’t need more than 1 – 3 milligrams per dose.

Similar to the way you become more sensitive to alcohol after taking a break, Sulak noticed with his own patients that lower doses of marijuana often lead to an increased sensitivity to cannabis.

How to Microdose Cannabis

While there’s no specific amount required for microdosing, there are some methods that work better than others. However, to know which way (and how much) is right for you will require some experimentation on your part. Though, Greeley Gallery’s marijuana dispensary in Arbor Lodge will be happy to help you.

Technically, methods used to consume marijuana can be used to microdose marijuana. You can do it while smoking or vaping, in which case only one puff may be all you need. Be sure to wait at least 15-minutes before taking another one if you need to.

We recommend products such as tinctures or edibles. Tinctures are the easiest to measure exact amounts, which can be difficult to accomplish with edibles. If you choose to microdose using edibles, make sure to let our staff know so they can recommend the ideal amount for which ever you choose.

Final Thoughts

Microdosing is a fantastic way to reap all the benefits cannabis has to offer. Stop by our marijuana dispensary in north Portland to get the best quality cannabis to use.


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