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5 Reasons Getting Baked over Christmas is a Great Idea

This year has been a roller coaster. The Coronavirus swept in and turned life as we know it upside down, then shook it around like a snow globe. Now Christmas is almost here, and it might look different than previous years, but weed can make it one of your best.

Maybe you’re tired of getting oranges in your stocking every year, but if you have the munchies, that orange will transform into a juicy treat! And those little trinkets you don’t know what to do with? They’ll become fascinating little fidget toys after just a couple puffs of a Greeley Gallery joint.

Here are 5 more reasons you should get baked over Christmas:

Sweets Taste Even Better

Obviously, Christmas food is at the top of our list. Almost as good as Thanksgiving, almost, is the abundance of sweet treats at Christmas. Have you tried peppermint ANYTHING while stoned? Because you should!

Imagine this: you’re stoned with a warm cup of hot chocolate with extra marshmallows and whipped cream, topped with chocolate sprinkles and a candy cane. Delicious.

Oh! You can head to our north Portland dispensary to pick up quality bud and create your own holiday pot brownies. Even better, you can enjoy them during the next best thing on our list…

Christmas Movies Are Fantastical

Weed has this amazing ability to make everything better. Remember those childhood Christmas specials that lost a little bit of magic once you became an adult? Just a little help from your local weed dispensary and you’ll be reunited with your feels while watching Rudolf’s Claymation adventures and of course the ultimate Christmas movie, Home Alone. Stop by the closest pot shop and make sure you don’t run out on Christmas day. You can’t go wrong.

Christmas Lights

One thing the coronavirus can’t ruin is seeing Christmas lights. Let’s be honest, is there anything better while stoned than seeing shiny, bright, colorful lights? Make up a thermos of hot cocoa or eggnog, smoke a joint, and enjoy the light show during a walk around your neighborhood. Only thing that could make it better is listening to some sing along Christmas music as you walk.

A walk along Willamette Blvd here in north Portland is a great place to view lights. Of course, edibles might be a better option to stay safe and wear your masks while you take in the lights.

Permission to Lounge in Your Onesie

Christmas is one of the few days a year when you can wear your pajamas all day long and no one will say anything. Maybe you don’t have a onesie – although you really should, they’re amazing – but I bet you have a favorite set of comfy clothes you’d enjoy lounging in.

If you live near University Park, stop into Greeley Gallery for a THC tincture to put in your steaming cup of cocoa before donning the softest pajamas you can find and enjoy the best day of the year.

Weed Improves Your Holiday Spirit

We’ve talked before about how cannabis improves your mood, so getting high during Christmas should be a no-brainer. Christmas is already a time of cheer and high spirits – weed is just the cherry on top. Whether or not you get along with your family, we can help you feel good the whole way through.

Being high over the holidays is the perfect way to maintain your child-like Christmas spirit all day long. It makes everything more exciting and helps bring back childhood excitement.

Why not share your joy this year? Replace that chocolate orange with one of our delicious weed chocolate bars. In fact, why not head to the cannabis dispensary near you and load up on chocolate for all the adults this holiday season?

Christmas in Portland, Oregon is always a special time. And just think, in a week, 2020 will be over. If that’s not a reason to light up, I don’t know what is!

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