In the middle of a pandemic that effects our lungs and respiratory system, it’s understandable if you hesitate before you light a bud. Don’t forget though, smoking marijuana isn’t the only way to consume it. In fact, weed drinks have become a massively popular alternative to smoking marijuana. If you’re interested after you finish reading this, I encourage you to open a new tab in your browser, type in, “closest pot shop near me”, and hightail yourself over to your local marijuana dispensary to stock up.

What’s A Weed Drink?

Adding cannabis to beverages is a tricky business, and one that’s been under constant improvements over the last couple of years. The problem has been that cannabinoids – compounds like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) – don’t easily mix with water, leading to less than optimal tastes and uneven dosages. Which explains why baked goods have dominated popularity – since the cannabinoids are easy to mix with oils and butter.

Thankfully, after a couple years of testing, the problem now has a solution – which allows us to enjoy sipping on a delicious weed infused beverage. Whether seltzer water, lemonade, juice, beer, or tea, you can find one to match any mood. They taste so delicious, you almost forget you’ve taken any THC at all.

A Happy Middle Ground

Before, the only alternative to smoking marijuana was eating it through edibles. It’s a popular substitute but there’s one problem, it takes up to an hour or longer to feel the effects. So, unless you have most of your day free, you might risk the effects kicking in at an inopportune moment.

Thanks to THC and CBD infused drinks, there’s a new option. The average time it takes to feel the effects of your beverage is 15 minutes or less, about the same as smoking.

Even though both edibles and beverages go through your digestive system (versus your lungs when smoking or vaping) they’re digested differently. The reason edibles take longer is because your liver and stomach absorb the cannabinoids, which slow down the process.

However, cannabis has to be broken down into smaller molecules in order to be infused into the drinks. Because of this, the cannabis is absorbed through your stomach lining making you feel the effects almost right away.

An Alternative to Alcohol

Alcohol amplifies our emotions, can cause us to black out, and tends to leave us with regret and a headache. The only real alternative if you don’t want to partake in alcoholic beverages, is not to drink at all, until now.

Marijuana infused drinks are the perfect substitution for alcohol. It tastes great, you feel it just as quickly as alcohol, and the absolute best thing is, there’s no hangover. The last point alone is enough to convert anyone who’s lost an entire day to a hangover before.

Another bonus is most beverages contain micro dosages (between 2mg and 10mg of THC per serving) which adds an element of control and encourages a prolonged experience when you enjoy the drink over the course of a night, versus slamming it back like a shot of whiskey.

Lastly, switching to weed drinks means you can drive home instead of leaving your car at the bar or paying for an Uber. Afterall, the effects of your drink disappear about as quickly as it starts. Meaning you can enjoy the influence then drive home safely, sleep well, and wake up refreshed in the morning.

Final thoughts

The beauty of weed is all the wonderful ways you can consume it and we’re finding new ways every day. Here at Greeley Gallery we have a large selection of options and our staff is more than happy to assist you and answer any questions you might have. What are you waiting for? Whether you live in Arbor Lodge, University Park, or anywhere else in north Portland, head to your local marijuana dispensary and stock up for the holidays. They’ll be here before you know it!