Bud Rub – 1 oz.

Bud Rub’s Topical Cannabis utilizes the healing properties of organic cannabis, organic menthol and organic camphor to safely and effectively block pain and relax muscles without any psychoactive side effects. Camphor has been shown to stimulate nerve endings, relieve pain and swelling and increase blood flow when applied topically. Menthol relieves minor aches and pains and creates a stimulating sensation on the skin. When combined with the active properties of topically applied organic cannabis, a strong and effective low grade pain reliever is created, one that leaves your body relaxed where applied.
Bud Rub’s base is derived from organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter and all natural beeswax. This combination creates a moisturizer with excellent stability that serves as the perfect base for the active ingredients to be applied easily and penetrate deeply.
Bud Rub is intended to be applied liberally and completely rubbed into the affected area for maximum relief. Always repeat as needed. Bud Rub’s goal is to effectively relieve sore muscles, joint pain, nerve irritation and general aches and pains, when applied to the targeted area(s). Bud Rub uses primarily organic ingredients in order to create the healthiest cannabis based topical available.






50 mg


0 mg