Our in-house flowers are Green Queen, Blue Dream, New York Pineapple Diesel, Richard Simmons, Gran Master Chem, Tahoe OG, Blackberry Kush, General Sensei and Grand Master Diesel. All of our in-house flowers are grown in a hydro system resulting in some of the cleanest, purest high-quality flowers on the market.
Grapefruit Juice
Grapefruit JuiceSativa28.07%0.14%$8.00$110.001-flower
Sirius Black
Sirius BlackSativa18.5%$20.001-flower
The White
The WhiteHybrid23.28%0.01%$8.00$110.001-flower
Gorilla Glue #4
Gorilla Glue #4Hybrid24.50%0%$8.00$110.001-flower
Indiana Bubblegum
Indiana BubblegumHybrid24.07%0%$8.00$110.001-flower
Memory Loss
Memory LossSativa24.13%1.91%$8.00$110.001-flower
Urban Cheddar
Urban CheddarIndica29.34%0.35%$8.00$110.001-flower
Kali Mist
Kali MistHybrid23.58%0.01$10.001-flower
Kosher Kush
Kosher KushIndica28.37%0.09%$8.00$110.001-flower
White Tahoe Cookie
White Tahoe CookieIndica28.94%0.08%$8.00$110.001-flower
Fortune Cookies
Fortune CookiesIndica21.56%0%$8.00$110.001-flower
Golden Ticket
Golden TicketSativa24.30%0.21%$8.00$110.001-flower
Blue Dream
Blue DreamSativa25.18%0.07$8.00$110.001-flower
Super Silver Haze
Super Silver HazeSativa26.43%0.08%$8.00$110.001-flower
Future Glue
Future GlueHybrid27.26%1.70%$8.00$110.001-flower
Future Glue
Future GlueHybrid27.26%1.7%$8.00$110.001-flower
CBD Orange Thai
CBD Orange ThaiSativa1.31%18.12%$20.001-flower
Suzy-Q (CBD)
Suzy-Q (CBD)Hybrid.48%10.02%$20.001-flower
We also offer various other exceptional strains from our trusted vendors that include Blue Cheese, Blue Hawaiian, Blue Magoo, Blueberry Muffin, Caramel Candy Kush, General Sensei, Girl Scout Cookies, Hindu Kush, Jack Flash, Pineapple Chunk, Space Case, Purple Hindu Kush and Sweet Irish Kush. Please keep in mind our menu fluctuates as vendors and supply may change.
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